Legal notice

Legal Notice


Access to FRIGICOLL and to information relating to any brand or product, together with services contained within the same implies acceptance of the conditions laid down in this Legal Notice. Therefore, we recommend that you read the content carefully if you wish to access and make use of the information and services offered via the FRIGICOLL site. 


Validity of the Information
The information contained on these pages is in force from the date of the latest update.
FRIGICOLL reserves the right to modify information at any time, in which case it shall come into force on the date of publication.
The site content, and in particular that regarding information or advertising, except when expressly indicated otherwise, does not constitute a binding offer. FRIGICOLL reserves the right to make changes or omit the current content either partially or totally when it is considered opportune, and to temporarily or permanently prevent or restrict access.   
FRIGICOLL is in complete compliance with current legislation regarding personal data protection.
External Privacy Policy Model for the web page of FRIGICOLL, S.A. 
FRIGICOLL, S.A in compliance with Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th December regarding Personal Data Protection, provides the necessary information regarding its system of Personal Data Protection, contained within its privacy policy, which you must read and accept, if you agree, before being able to complete the form for this service.
FRIGICOLL, S.A., (henceforth, FRIGICOLL) declares its respect and compliance with the points laid down in Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th December, regarding Personal Data Protection (henceforth LOPD) and compliance with the provisions contained within Royal Decree 994/1999, of 11th June, relating to security measures for computer files containing personal data, and to that end all the technical means at their disposal have been established to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access or undue appropriation of the data you provide for FRIGICOLL, without prejudice to the fact that internet security measures may not be impregnable. You are thus notified of the data protection policy so that you may freely choose whether to provide FRIGICOLL with your personal data.
FRIGICOLL also states that the personal data you provide on a form shall be included within a computer file of personal data which is the property of FRIGICOLL and shall remain the responsibility of the company. In order to comply with the provisions of the LOPD it is expressly stated that FRIGICOLL, S.A., a Spanish company registered at C/ Blasco de Garay s/n, Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona-Spain) is the party that shall decide on the objective, content and use in the treatment of the personal data which you have provided via any of the forms available to that effect on the web page located at the internet address
In order to include your data in the FRIGICOLL file your unequivocal consent is required, which may be provided via the acceptance of this privacy policy, by selecting the option I HAVE READ AND EXPRESSLY ACCEPT THE PRIVACY POLICY OF FRIGICOLL which is presented prior to each form requesting data.
The purpose of the data you provide for FRIGICOLL is the use by FRIGICOLL in order to develop any of the activities relating to their business, together with advertising activities for their products. The said data may be released to other companies belonging to the FRIGICOLL group in Spain, in addition to physical or legal third parties, whether or not there exists a shareholding relationship with FRIGICOLL, for the same ends as indicated in this text.  We also require your unequivocal consent in order to release your data to third parties, which may be provided via the acceptance of this privacy policy, selecting the option I HAVE READ AND EXPRESSLY ACCEPT THE PRIVACY POLICY OF FRIGICOLL which is presented prior to each form requesting data.
In relation with the communication of data, you are reminded that FRIGICOLL is the official distributor for companies located outside Spain, so that if you give permission to use your data, FRIGICOLL understands that you unequivocally agree that your data may be transferred internationally to companies located abroad, and in addition to other companies to which it may also be necessary in order to provide some service. The use of internationally transferred data shall be limited to those ends contained within this document.
Except in those fields in which it is expressly described otherwise, the answer to questions regarding personal data is voluntary, without a failure to answer the said questions implying a reduction in the quality of services requested.
You may exercise your right to access, rectify, cancel or contest your personal data contained in the FRIGICOLL files, together with all communication entered into with respect to your data by request via any means which provides a record of sending and receipt. In order to exercise your rights you may contact FRIGICOLL at C/Blasco de Garay, s/n, Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona-Spain), addressing your request to Ms Anna Roqué Rigol, in the Customer Services Department.
In order to match the services offered to your tastes and preferences, FRIGICOLL shall use cookies. Cookies are text files sent by the servers to your hard drive in order to facilitate faster access for your computer to the selected web page. The purpose of the FRIGICOLL cookies is to personalize those services we offer you, providing information which may be of interest. The cookies do not extract information from your computer, nor identify your location. If despite this you do not wish cookies to be installed on your hard drive, we request that you configure your browser to not accept them. However, please note that, in any case, the operating quality of the web page may be reduced.
With the same purpose of matching the services offered to your tastes, and to be able to analyse the operation of the system, those actions carried out via your computer in FRIGICOLL shall be recorded in a file. The said actions file shall allow FRIGICOLL to locate incidents and problems which may arise, and resolve them in the shortest time possible, to continue to offer you the requested service, to know more about your preferences and to offer you other services which may match your tastes.
Intellectual and industrial property
The FRIGICOLL site, the pages which constitute it, and the information or elements contained therein, including texts, documents, photographs, drawings, graphs, databases and computer programs, together with logos, trademarks, company names or other distinguishing symbols for which FRIGICOLL or companies they represent are title-holders or legal licence-holders, are protected by intellectual or industrial property rights.
FRIGICOLL does not provide any guarantee regarding the lawfulness and legality of the information or elements contained on the pages of the FRIGICOLL site when the title-bearer of the same is not  FRIGICOLL or any company within the Group. 
Prohibited and permitted use
Any method of exploitation is prohibited, including all types or reproduction, distribution, assignment to third parties, publication and transformation, via any type of format or medium, of the previously cited work, creations or distinguishing symbols without prior and express authorization from the respective title-bearer. Non-compliance with this prohibition could constitute an infraction punishable under current legislation.
However, at his/her own risk the user may download or copy such elements for his/her own personal use, provided that none of the FRIGICOLL intellectual or industrial property rights are infringed. Particularly, you may not alter, modify or delete them, either partially or wholly. Under no circumstances whatsoever shall this constitute authorization or licence over the property rights of FRIGICOLL or companies within their Group.
It is prohibited, except in cases which are expressly authorized by FRIGICOLL; to establish links or hyperlinks from third party portals or web sites to FRIGICOLL web pages apart from the home page on their portal, which is accessible on the URL address, or that which may replace it in the future, together with the presentation of FRIGICOLL web pages or their contents on them under frames, distinguishing symbols, trademarks or corporate or commercial names of another person, company or entity.
FRIGICOLL does not guarantee continuous access, nor the correct visualization, download or use of the elements or information contained on the pages of the FRIGICOLL site, which may be impeded, hampered or interrupted by factors or circumstances beyond its control.
FRIGICOLL is not responsible for information and other content included in third-party spaces or web pages accessible via the FRIGICOLL site through links or hyperlinks to the FRIGICOLL site or any of their web pages, nor for the information and content of any third-party web page which appears under the appearance or distinctive symbols of FRIGICOLL, except with their express authorization.
FRIGICOLL accepts no responsibility with regard to the information, contents of all types, products and services offered or provided via their site by third parties, even if they belong to the same economic Group, and in particular for damages of any kind which, linked to the previous point, may be caused by:  (i) absences or inaccuracies in the information provided to users, or its veracity, exactitude and sufficiency; (ii) non-compliance or defective or unpunctual compliance with contracts or pre-contractual relations; (iii) non-compliance with obligations incumbent on service providers in the information society; (iv) infraction of the rights of consumers and users; (v) infraction of intellectual and industrial property rights; the performance of unfair competition or illegal advertising; (vi) infraction of data protection rights; professional secrets and the rights to honour, privacy, and image protection; and (vii) in general the non-compliance with any law, custom or code of conduct which is in force.
FRIGICOLL does not assume any responsibility for damages, loss, claims or costs produced due to: (i) interference, interruptions, failure, omissions, telephone failure, delays, blockages or disconnection in the operation of the electronic system caused by faults, overloads or errors in lines or telecommunication networks, or due to any other cause beyond the control of FRIGICOLL; (ii) unlawful interference via the use of malware of any kind and via any media, such as computer viruses or any other;(iii) the misuse or improper use of the FRIGICOLL web pages; (v) errors in security or browsing produced due to the malfunctioning of the browser or due to the use of versions which are not up to date.
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