Corporate profile

 The company is divided into four business units which cover a wide spectrum of activities in sectors as diverse as:

> Refrigeration equipment / Air conditioning for trucks, buses and coaches

> Household appliances

> Machinery for catering and refrigeration

> Air conditioning and Energy


Throughout our history, our vision has always been to add related business areas in order to construct a global activity with strong internal links. This attitude has allowed us to promote a constant flow of information, create a spirit of cooperation and develop the necessary synergy to take on large projects.


The versatile combination of service with a vertical and transversal organization is the key to our decisiveness and success. Diversification and specialization coupled with agility and solidity make up the key elements which have formed the company's differentiating factor, leading to its uncontested position in the market.


The ultimate goal of our different business units is to make it easy at all levels: for engineers, restaurateurs, hoteliers, architects, interior designers, installers, decorators, commercial sector and end users.